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What VSys One Looks Like: Conventions and Getting Around

To get started, double-click the VSys One icon on your computer desktop. We call him the "VSys dude" and you can see he's waving his hand, offering to help.
VSys One icon

On the Home page you may find one or more panels. Which panels are visible will depend on how VSys is configured and its current status. These are items that might need your attention or are there to help you.

VSys One main screen

The panels on the Home page can be re-arranged, deleted and added to.

On the left side of almost every screen is a navigation bar with tools and links. Here on the home screen they're panels with the various tools available from this screen. As we get further into the program they will become specific to the current tool you are using.

Tools and reports

If you are unsure where to find a feature or tool that you want to use, put a keyword in this search box and you will be given a list of options. See Searching Screens for more details on how this works.


Type in someone's last/family name, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number or kiosk PIN to search. Search opens the Person lookup tool without any search terms, Advanced brings up the Find people using advanced criteria tool.

Find a report

Gives you a tool for searching through saved and built-in reports.


Switch tool profile - Tool profiles allow you to create a simplified VSys screen with only the tools you want to see. Use this link to toggle between a tool profiles or the full VSys screen (security permitting.)

Font size - VSys supports font sizes up to 200%. The font size that you set here is used throughout VSys One.

Switch language - Toggle VSys between English and other installed languages; only available if the VSys.bld file is installed on your machine.

User preferences - Customize some of the features you use. See User preferences.


Get support - Opens up the customer and technical support tool.

Help - Opens up online help in your web browser.

In This Section

Using Panels

Searching Panels

Moving Around Within VSys

Searching Screens



Viewing and Using Tables

User Preferences

Copy/Paste Is Your Friend

VSys Encryption

See Also

Getting Started

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Crediting Volunteer Hours

Jobs, Slots, Assignments and Associations

HTML and VSys

Letters, Mailing Labels and E-mails


SMS/Text Messages

Incoming Messages



Application Forms

Eligibility/Intake Checklists

Entering Account Records

Exporting Data

Importing Data - Interactive File Importer

Lists and Intellilists



Name Tags, Badges and Credentials





Scheduled Tasks

Tool Profiles


Advanced Encryption





VSys Security

VSys Kiosk

VSys Web - Advanced

VSys Web

VSys Lite

VSys Live

VSys Live - External Approval Tools

VSys Live Kiosk

VSys Live Tools

Timeclock (Kronos) Integration

Volunteer Request Tool