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Eligibility/Intake Checklists

Eligibility/intake checklists look at multiple attributes of a person, and the presence and status of those attributes defines an overall status attached to a person.

The attributes for inclusion are:

The checklists can then be used to:

Eligibility Checklists Setup

Eligibility checklists can get very complex depending on your rules. Because of this you must designate one person in your organization who will coordinate the setup of these checklists. This means someone empowered to make decisions or reach get a consensus agreement on how they're configured and managed.

We cannot tell you how your checklists should be set up: they're built according to your requirements. Failure to have a single decision maker on your end almost inevitably results in a cycle where person A changes one thing, person B changes another, and person C wants to undo both A and B. If we're given contradictory answers by different people or teams on your end, we can't choose for you, and we can't organize your staff. Have one captain on your team who can make the final sign off on decisions.

Before setup begins, you must document and write out the rules for:

Note that notifications, or any other communication based on eligibility checklists, can be done referencing the entire checklist - not just one individual aspect of it. For example a checklist that requires two trainings, an approved application and a scheduled interview, the notification can describe what's present or missing as a whole, but not give instructions on how to fix each individual item. And for "One or more of" items, VSys can't describe to the volunteer what specifically is missing or incomplete, just that the item does not meet requirements. Plan instead to show the applicant the overall state of the eligibility checklist in VSys Live.

Planning ahead for this is critical: if you change direction mid-stream, you may find that many implementation and training hours have been burned through and end up with the project going past deadline and over budget - and you only have a limited number of hours allocated in your implementation.

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