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Update Eligibility/Intake Checklists in Bulk

To work with many eligibility/intake checklists at once, for example to manually update their statuses or view them, use the Update eligibility/intake checklists in bulk tool.

Steps in this task

  1. Open the Update eligibility/intake checklists in bulk tool on the User tools panel.
  2. Enter filters for the Types, Statuses and dates for the eligibility checklists.
  3. Click Get records.

On the right-click menu


Manually edits the highlighted eligibility checklist.


Selects All/None/Reverse.


Update status: Recalculates the status of the selected eligibility checklists based on the current properties of their volunteers.

Save: Saves any selected eligibility checklists that have been changed.

Changed eligibility checklists are not saved until you manually save them via right-click, Selected, Save, or click the Save button in the upper-right corner.

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