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Automatically Updating Eligibility/Intake Checklists in Bulk

When a volunteer's profile is updated, for example you add a certification or she takes an online training, that doesn't cause her eligibility checklists to automatically update their status. Instead, VSys Live updates eligibility checklist statuses when they're opened: that's much more efficient. What if you want to know the day that someone's eligibility checklist is completed? Use a scheduled task.

In the example above, whenever this scheduled task is run, VSys will check all eligibility checklists with a Status of Pending. Based on the current properties of the associated volunteer, VSys may then leave the checklist alone, change its Status to Complete, or change its Status to Ineligible as appropriate. You can use your own filters on Types, Started between and Ending between to have VSys be more specific about which checklists it updates, or different statuses to potentially take those which are Complete and make them Pending or Ineligible if the volunteer's property merits.

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