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Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are tasks for VSys One to perform without interaction - things such as backing up your data, running a report, sending e-mails, etc.


A task group is comprised of at least one task, and each task group has a status (inactive or not), a schedule (manual or otherwise), and optional notification lists.

Tasks themselves don't have schedules, they are run by being in a task group. The same task can be used in more than one task group. For example you may have a task group that runs a backup every morning at 6am, plus another that runs mid-day backups at noon and a third that runs them at 3pm but only on weekdays. You only need to define the backup task once and then include it in all task groups.

Executing task groups and tasks

Task groups and tasks don't run themselves, they need to be triggered.


Everything that a task or task group does posts a "trace" record. Right-click on a task group or task and select See tracked changes. You'll get a listing of what was done to the task group or task along with details of when it's been run and the detailed logs from its running.

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