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Eligibility Checklists for People

Eligibility checklists can be added to people manually, automatically or using the Automatically create eligibility/intake checklists tool. Once there, a checklist can automatically calculate its status, have that status overridden and have its properties "frozen".




A "frozen" checklist will never have its status, items present or items missing re-calculated by VSys. For an eligibility checklist used solely for initial intake, you can use this to finalize the checklist once it's complete for a person and not worry about its status being changed in the future.

Start date

Optional; use to indicate when the checklist process was started.

Override status

Checking this and entering your own status will have VSys use that status instead of the one it would calculate automatically.


Notes or comments to be included on any reports.


The status that VSys calculates automatically. Click Re-check to have VSys re-evaluate the status of the checklist based on the person's current properties.

Items present

Rules for the checklist which pass their criteria, including the objects which let it do so.

Items missing

Rules which do not pass their criteria. Objects which would be used to pass but are ineligible due to filters are displayed as well if present.

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