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Eligibility Checklist Rules

For an eligibility checklist to be considered "Completed", all of the rules for that checklist must be met and the person must meet the requirements of that checklist (Groups, Person types, etc.) If a person's properties change, for example her Volunteer type no longer matches the requirements of the eligibility checklist, her checklist's status will come up as "Ineligible".

Some checklist rules can require that the volunteer have more than one qualifying value. For example, you may want to require that a volunteer have two reference check certifications.




A description of the rule; used in reports and VSys Live.


Order of this rule relative to the other rules. Used mostly by VSys Live.

Represents what portion of overall checklist

Used in VSys Live; all rules which have been met are added together to show the overall percentage status of the eligibility checklist.

Require more than one

Check this to require that the person have more than one of these values, for example two "Background reference check" certifications.


Right-click in this list to add conditions to the rule. For example, a "Background reference check" is not only required, its status should probably be "Positive".

Don't show this item in VSys Live merge templates, Finish..., URL to finish, Detailed description when complete, Incomplete

See Displaying eligibility checklists in VSys Live.

User notes

Not used by VSys; put your own notes here (or to other users) about how and why this rule is set the way it is.

Application forms

Requires that the person have one or more application forms of the type that you specify. Filters are:


An assignment-based rule requires that the person have one or more qualifying assignments based on the conditions you define. Note that recurring assignment rules won't match the filters here, only the actual detail assignments generated by that recurring assignment rule can match. Filters:

Special rules for assignments:


Attachments rules require that the person have one or more attachments of the type that you've specified.

Special rules for attachments:


A certification-based rule requires that the person have one or more qualifying certifications based on the conditions you define. Filters available are Date and Expiration date (you'll almost certainly want to use relative dates here).

Special rules for certifications:


These are the same types of filters available in reports and other tools. Select a filter, e.g. "Additional group", then set the options for that filter. (Each filter has its own particular options.)


Requires one or more interviews of the selected type. Filters are:

Special rules for interviews:

Job associations

Only available if job associations are enabled; requires one or more job associations meeting your filters:

Special rules for job associations:


List rules require that the person be on one or more of the lists that you select. These can be simple lists, Intellilists, or both. Intellilists are particularly powerful here in that they let you define very complex criteria if you need to.


Requires one or more trainings in the selected subject meeting your filters:

Special rules for trainings:

Complex rules

A complex rule lets you require some number of the basic rules be met, but not necessarily all of them. For example you can require that a volunteer have a background reference check or a criminal background check, but not necessarily both.

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