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Self-reminders are, as the name implies, reminders to yourself. Think of them as "to-do" lists. A self-reminder can be associated with a person, or they can be standalone. Self-reminders are not automatically generated by VSys: you make these for yourself.

Due and overdue reminders will show on the home screen


To use self-reminders, first enable them in System preferences and feature enabling on the Feature enabling panel.

Self-reminder types: you can create self-reminder types from the Setup panel. These don't affect the reminders, but they can serve to help you organize them as well as filter them when used in notifications.

Using self-reminders

Along the top of the screen you'll see a Reminders link. Click on that link to see and manage your reminders.

Right-click on a reminder


Create a new reminder.

Follow link to

Opens up the person or the bookmark (if either) associated with this reminder.

Change status

Update the status of the reminder, e.g. to mark it Completed.


Check All, None or Reverse.

Selected items

Change status, Delete or Un-delete all of the selected reminders.

Add a new reminder by clicking Add reminder.

Reminder properties


For your use.

Reminder date

When the reminder is due.


How long you expect the task to take.


Pending, Completed or Cancelled.

Include a bookmark to the current screen

If checked, the reminder will include a bookmark to the screen you're on now. That bookmark will usually include all or most of the settings on the page, e.g. a report's settings and filters.


Use this to add a link to a person; that link would show as a hyperlink in the reminder.


Notes to yourself.

Notification subscriptions

Want to be notified by e-mail or text message about your reminders? Add a notification subscription for the event "Self reminders".