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Crediting Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours are the credited hours which show that a volunteer performed a job at a specific date and time and duration. These hours let you track your volunteers by what they've done, filter and recognize your best volunteers.

Volunteer hours are different from job assignments. Job assignments are made before the work is done and indicate that the volunteer is scheduled to show up and complete a task. Volunteer hours say that the person did come and did complete a task.

There are three primary ways to enter credit for volunteer hours:

Volunteers can be credited with hours by checking in and out via the kiosk. These hours post immediately and automatically to their profile. You can also allow your volunteers to self-report their hours via the VSys Web or VSys Live interfaces (online). Hours entered through VSys Web (and, depending on its configuration, VSys Live) require that someone on your staff approve the hours before they're posted.

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