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Crediting Volunteer Hours for Multiple People at Once

When a large group of volunteers all have the same hours, and these hours aren't associated with a specific assignment, using Credit Volunteer Hours for Multiple People at Once is an efficient way of entering those hours. In the example below, all the volunteers will be getting credit for working the Hospitals/Emergency department job for 2 hours.

Screen for Crediting Hours for Multiple People at once

Steps in this task

  1. Open the Credit volunteer hours for multiple people at once tool.
  2. Determine the people to be credited. All of the people you select in this step will be credited with the same hours: job, location, start, duration, etc.
  3. In the Person box, type in the volunteer's last name, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, short ID code or kiosk ID code. VSys will pop up a list of the people who match that value. Select the appropriate person. Click on Add. The person will be added to the list of people to be credited.
  4. To add people from a list, click on the Use a list link. VSys will show the available lists, and selecting one of these lists will add all of the people on it to this tool to be credited.
  5. Repeat these steps to add other people to be credited.
  6. If there is someone on the list that should not be there, right-click on their name and select Remove.
  7. Now enter the hours themselves: Project (if applicable), Job, Location, Start date, Start time, Duration, Bonus duration (if applicable), Value, Miles, and other attributes.
  8. Click Post hours to credit all of the selected people with these hours. If VSys is unable to credit one or more individuals here for any reason, e.g. they already have overlapping hours, it will show a message about those individuals but will still credit the others who were eligible.

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