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Crediting Volunteer Hours

If you are looking to give someone credit for hours globally (outside of a project), or for hours within a project where there was no job assignment, use the Credit volunteer hours (general) tool.

General Hours Entry screen

For each volunteer, enter the information about the hours you want to credit.

Field name



The project associated with the hours, or (general) for global hours not connected to a project. This field isn't editable if you opened this tool from within a project, and is not visible if projects are disabled.

Find people beyond this project

Lets you search for the person to credit hours to when the person is not registered in this project. Only available from within a project.


Search for a person by typing in a person's last name, phone number, e-mail address, kiosk ID or 5-digit Basic ID. Or click on the Ellipse (three dots)  icon button to bring up the Person lookup tool. From within a project you'll get a selector which brings up people by delegation and role. Outside of a project you get the general Person lookup tool.

Only recent jobs

If checked, the only options under Job will be those for which the selected volunteer has recent hours, recent assignments and/or a current job association. Only available if no project is selected.

("Recent" is defined as hours in the last 60 days, an assignment in the last 30 days, or a current job association.)


Job and job group.


Where the person worked.

(duration method)

Lets you enter the duration in one of three ways: hours:minutes (e.g. "12:30"), fractional hours (e.g. "12.5"), and end time (VSys determines the duration automatically).

To enter durations of more than 23 hours and 59 minutes (usually done when you're crediting a volunteer with an entire month's worth of hours at once), you'll have to use the fractional hours setting.

Start date, Start time

Date and time that the volunteer started work.


How long the person worked.

Bonus duration

Additional hours the person gets based on time of day worked or other rules. Bonus hours are stored in the same record as regular hours, but don't increase the value of the volunteer's time and can be included or excluded in the calculations for awards eligibility.

Apply bonus hour rule

If a bonus hour rule is defined which is applicable to the job, start date and start time, VSys will show this link, offering to apply the rule. Clicking the link will run the appropriate calculations and show the correct bonus hours to credit.


Any custom fields defined for this hours record.


The monetary value of the volunteer hours. VSys automatically calculates this based on the length of the assignment and the job, but you can override its value here.


Distance driven as part of this assignment. Depending on your configuration, this may say Kilometers instead.

# people

For a team of people where more than one person is working together, set this value to the number of people. Depending on the rules your administrator set, VSys may multiply the credited hours and/or value by this number.


Supervisor for these hours.

Group to credit

What group should get credit for this volunteer's hours; usually this is the person's primary group.

(various account fields)

Accounts here are often used for tracking outcomes like patients visited, meals delivered, etc. If configured for the job selected above, VSys may prompt you for one or more accounts to credit.

Delegation to credit

When working within a project, what delegation within the project should get credit for this volunteer's hours; usually this is the volunteer's delegation.


Any comments regarding these hours.

Warn when posting more than 12 hours at a time

This is designed to help you avoid data entry errors. If you routinely enter hours for weekly or monthly credit, you may want to turn this off since all your entries may be over 12 hours.

Including the person's "Short ID" on sign-in reports makes this process much faster!

Click on the Post hours button to give the volunteer credit and move on to the next person. VSys leaves all of the information on-screen other than the person's name and ID so that you can re-use this for the next person. After clicking Post hours, VSys will briefly show a confirmation window in the lower-left corner.

If you have an assignment, crediting the hours here won't automatically match it up to that assignment. Use the Credit Volunteer Hours from Assignments tool if there is a pre-existing assignment.

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