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Hours/Accounts/Outcomes Integration

By enabling accounts, VSys lets you associate additional transactional data with each hours record. For example, you may track things like:

By setting these up as accounts, they can then be tied to hours records.

To do this, define one or more jobs to be associated with one or more accounts. For example, in the setup for "Courtesy Van", set its Associated accounts to Medical trips, Other trips and Shopping trips. For the job "Home meal delivery", set its Associated accounts to Meals delivered.

Associated Accounts field in a job definition

Now, when entering volunteer hours, if you select the job "Courtesy Van", VSys will prompt you not only for information about the hours, but also about any account information associated with that hours record.

Account entry fields availlable when crediting hours

You can use these account values in hours summary and detail reports to track outcomes or any other value you need to report.

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