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VSys Kiosk

The VSys Kiosk is a standalone program separate from the main VSys One application. It connects to the same database as VSys One, so when volunteers perform actions like checking in and out of an assignment, those actions are immediately posted to your data and visible by your staff. The VSys Kiosk can be run on a regular computer using a touchscreen and optionally with a barcode scanner or magnetic stripe reader.

The VSys Kiosk allows your volunteers to log in, then depending on your settings:

VSys Kiosk is similar to, but very different in implementation from, VSys Live Kiosk. VSys Kiosk is a regular Windows application that runs on PCs or via Terminal Services. VSys Live Kiosk is a browser-based application that runs as an optional part of VSys Live.

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Kiosk Settings

Kiosk Tokens

Kiosk Locations

Holiday Greeting Rules

Kiosk News

Starting VSys Kiosk

Kiosk Messages From Volunteers

Volunteer Login

Assisted Check in Tool

Assign PIN Values

Back-to-Back Assignments

Who's Checked In

Who's Missing

Kiosk Tips