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Kiosk Tokens

Kiosk tokens can be used to track objects that a volunteer takes with her at check in:

VSys can track these by having the volunteer scan an object at check in then scan it again at checkout. Or the item's code can be typed by hand. If enabled, when a volunteer checks in at the kiosk, she's asked to scan her token, in this example called a "pendant".

From here she can:

When typing or scanning in the token's code, once VSys recognizes this code uniquely (it matches just one token and no other token's code begins with this one), it automatically clicks the Continue button for her.

The item's code must be at least 5 characters long.

If she enters an invalid token and clicks Continue, and if the kiosk is configured to automatically create new tokens, then VSys will create a new token with that code and finish her check in. Otherwise VSys will change the text to red and not allow her to continue until a valid token code is entered.

Even if a token is not seen by VSys as "returned", that does not prevent another volunteer from scanning and taking that token with her at the start of her shift. VSys will mark the new volunteer as the current possessor of the token.

If the physical keyboard's Caps Lock key is on, text that's scanned via a barcode scanner will have its case inverted. That is, "A" becomes "a"; "a" becomes "A". Since tokens are case-sensitive, this can cause the kiosk to not recognize otherwise valid tokens.

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