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Assign PIN Values

If VSys is not configured to automatically assign PIN values to your new volunteers, or if you have a group of volunteers who should have PINs but don't, use the Assign kiosk PIN values on the Kiosk panel under the Tools section.

  1. Check Use gaps in existing PIN assignments if you want VSys to search for PINs which are not used, but aren't at the "end" of the list. For example, if one volunteer has PIN 8254, another has 8256, but no one has 8255, VSys will use 8255 here only if you check this box.
    Note that PINs associated with people who are inactive, archived or deceased are not considered by VSys to be available here, and will never be given to someone else unless you remove those PINs from the volunteers who have them now.
  2. Set filters for the people that you want to receive PINs. In this example we're selecting only volunteers who are not inactive and who don't currently have a PIN.
  3. Click Get people. VSys shows a list of the people to whom it will give a kiosk PIN.
  4. Check the people you want to receive PINs, un-check those that should not receive them. (You can right-click on the list of people and choose Select to check/un-check people in bulk.)
  5. Click Run. VSys will assign PINs to these people and give you a report showing what PIN each was assigned.

VSys sorts the people by name as it applies the new PINs; the order in which they're shown on screen here doesn't affect that.

To determine the next PIN to use for each person, VSys uses the rules defined for Login IDs/PINs.

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