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Login IDs/PINs

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No manual logins...

Don't show a keypad for volunteers to sign in. This requires that they use their barcode or magnetic stripe ID card to sign into the kiosk.

Hide PIN numbers with "*" when logging in

If checked, as the volunteer enters his PIN/password, it will not be shown on screen. Instead a series of asterisks will be shown.

When logging in, show this as the blank PIN

Usually the numbers 0000 will be displayed when checking in. This changes that displayed text to any value you enter here.

Numeric login IDs/PINs

Volunteers get numeric PINs only. When checked, and manual logins are not disabled, a numeric keyboard will be shown.

Automatically assign a login ID/PIN to new people

When creating a new person, VSys will determine the numerically highest PIN code already assigned and give the new person a value of that highest one +1.

Minimum new PIN to create, Maximum

When VSys creates a new PIN for someone, if the first available PIN is less than the minimum value here, it will use the value you enter.

If the maximum value here is not zero, VSys will ignore any pre-existing PINs which are greater than this number. For example, if you have PINs right now which run from 100-4035 and one which is 10345, VSys would normally make the next PIN as 10346. The settings above will make that next PIN 4036, since all those above 7999 are ignored. If 7999 is taken, no PIN will be allocated.

Assign PINs from "gaps" between existing people if possible

By default, VSys creates PIN codes greater than the last-assigned PIN. If you check this box, when assigning a new PIN, VSys will try to find values that are unused but not necessarily greater than the highest PIN that's already assigned.

Login passwords

No passwords required


Manually assign passwords to each person

Each person is manually given a password on the Web/Kiosk panel in her profile.

Automatically calculated password

VSys calculates a password for each volunteer and keeps it up-to-date when that volunteer's information changes.


Text to display on the [Log in] button at the main screen login keypad

A value entered here will show in place of the text Log in on the button near the login keypad on the main kiosk screen.

The terms "login ID" and "PIN" may appear to be used interchangeably here. While they both refer to how a volunteer logs into the kiosk, the ID generally refers to an alphanumeric login while PIN is a numeric login.

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