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Kiosk Setup Basics

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Field name


Show this title at the top of the kiosk

If not blank, this text will show at the top of the main screen of each kiosk unless it's overridden in a kiosk location.

Administrator password

Enter a password here to prevent volunteers from shutting down the kiosk or accessing administrative functions.

Password verify

If an Administrator password is entered, this value must match that one.

Return screen to main after...

If the signed-in volunteer does nothing for this long, bring him to the main kiosk screen.

For confirmation dialogs...

When a confirmation question is posed to the volunteer, it will remain visible for this number of seconds. If after that period of time the volunteer has not responded, the default button will be considered to be clicked.

Don't use a gray background behind dialog boxes

On confirmation and other user prompts, VSys will usually put a gray background behind the dialog to make it stand out. Check this box to disable that background, which sometimes causes older machines to slow down.

Allow volunteers to send messages via the kiosk

If checked, volunteers will be able to send messages to you. Use Incoming messages types to define which ones they can use and the Incoming messages manager to view those messages.

Access admin tools via PIN

Setting a PIN hides the Admin Tools button. Entering this PIN as if you were logging in like a volunteer on the kiosk brings up the Administrator window on the kiosk.

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