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Kiosk Locations

Locations for kiosks let you modify how individual physical kiosks behave. Why would you use this?

To use kiosk locations, you must first define one or more kiosk locations other than the built-in default location of "General".

Steps in this task

  1. From the Kiosk panel on the main screen, under Setup click on the Kiosk locations link. (If Kiosk locations does not show up, verify that you are using Version 3 kiosk.)
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  2. Click the Add kiosk location link on the left navigation bar to add a new kiosk location. Click on a kiosk location to edit it or right-click on a specific kiosk location to delete or edit it.
  3. For each location, define a Description and Code. Optionally set a title to show at the top of the screen and one or more IP addresses used by the kiosk software to automatically detect its location.
  4. Save each location individually, then click the Save button to save all of your changes.

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Field name



Used for your own tracking of the location's name and in the setup tools. This is not displayed anywhere.


Define a short code here with no punctuation. You'll use this on the kiosk command line to tell a physical kiosk what location it is.

Show this title...

If this is not blank, it will show at the top of the main kiosk screen and will override any global title set in the kiosk setup.

IP addresses

Provide zero or more IP addresses here, one per line. If the kiosk software is not given a command line location, and it finds that the machine it's running on has one of these IP addresses, it will assume that it's running at this location.

When the kiosk is inactive

Do nothing - leave the VSys Kiosk software running


Shut down the VSys Kiosk software

Exits the VSys Kiosk altogether after user inactivity.

Minimize but do not shut down the VSys Kiosk software

"Minimizes" the VSys Kiosk software but does not shut it down. Starting another copy of the VSys Kiosk on this machine will restore the currently-running copy. This lets other software control the machine, and when it needs to start the VSys Kiosk it can do so without the startup delays associated with starting the VSys Kiosk from scratch.


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