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Assisted Check in Tool

The Assisted check in tool is used to check volunteers in on the kiosk without using the kiosk itself. You'd use this in high-volume areas where volunteers don't move through the kiosk quickly enough, or to assist those volunteers who cannot for one reason or another work with the kiosk interface.

Steps in this task

  1. Click on the Assisted check in tool link from the Kiosk panel under Tools.
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  2. Type in a person's last name, phone number or kiosk PIN and select the volunteer, or click on the ... button to bring up the Person lookup tool.
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  3. For a volunteer who's not checked in yet, under the Check in section click on Now or Other time next to their assignment to check him in for that assignment.
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  4. To check out a volunteer who's checked in for a job, click on Now or Other time to check him out of that assignment, or Cancel check in to delete his check in for this job as if it never happened.
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  5. Repeat from step 2 by searching for the next person.

Automatically release kiosk tokens is only visible when checking out if kiosk tokens are enabled. If this is checked, as you manually check out each volunteer, VSys will assume that the token the volunteer took with her at check in is being returned. If not checked, VSys will prompt you for each volunteer with a token as to its status. (The terminology used here may vary depending on what term you use for "tokens" in kiosk setup.)

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