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Kiosk Location Setting

When you run VSysKiosk.exe, the program attempts to figure out what defined location - if any - it's running at. This happens two ways: a command line parameter followed by IP address matching if no parameter is found.

  1. To explicitly tell a kiosk what location to be, on its command line include the Code value defined as part of the kiosk location. In the previous example, "alb4" was used as that location's code, and you can tell the kiosk to be that location by putting that code on the command line or shortcut, i.e.:
    VSysKiosk.exe alb4
  2. If no location is specified on the command line, VSys will try to match to a location by IP address. For a machine with multiple IP addresses, VSys will take and assume the first one it finds.
  3. Finally, if the kiosk cannot determine any location, it will assume the "General" location.

Kiosk Admin Tools

In the Admin Tools on the kiosk itself you can see what location the kiosk thinks it is as well as which IP address the kiosk is using for automatic location detection.
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