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After logging in, don't prompt volunteer to check in

If checked, the kiosk will not prompt the volunteer to check in for a job immediately after logging in.

After logging in, prompt volunteer for all jobs...

Regardless of whether a volunteer has a current assignment, if there are jobs he can check in for based on hours, job association or walkup checkin, all valid jobs will be offered for check in.

At checkout, show the volunteer's hours summary

When a volunteer checks out via the kiosk, if this box is checked VSys will show a quick summary of the volunteer's hours today, this month, this year and lifetime.

Disable kiosk sounds

Check this to prevent the kiosk from using its defined sound settings.

Don't perform automatic check out/check in between back-to-back jobs

Normally when a volunteer who is checked in for one job and remains checked in at the point another assignment for that volunteer would start, VSys automatically checks the volunteer out of the first job and into the new assignment. Checking this box tells VSys to leave the volunteer in the original job.

Don't permit replies to kiosk messages

Prevents volunteers from sending replies via the kiosk to messages you've sent them.

Don't show animated spinner

When the kiosk is performing certain operations it will normally show an animated graphic so that the volunteer can see that it's busy. Checking this box will disable that animation.

Don't show the [Log in] button at the top of the main kiosk screen

When checked, hides the Log in button at the top of the kiosk. If a news item is showing, the only way for a volunteer to get back to the on-screen login keypad is by touching on a news item or waiting for the keypad to return on its own.

Don't use dynamic PIN lookups when logging in

As a volunteer types her PIN on the kiosk, if the entered PIN matches a single volunteer and no other volunteer's PIN starts with this value, the kiosk will log the volunteer in without the volunteer needing to click the Log in button. If this box is checked then VSys will not do this and the volunteer will have to click Log in to continue.

Enable import/export of kiosk-entered volunteer hours

If this is checked, the Admin tools panel in the kiosk will include options for importing and exporting volunteer hours.

Enable using the [`] key for manual PIN entry

If this is checked, on the PIN login screen, hitting the [`] key (back tick; upper left corner of keyboard) allows the volunteer to enter their PIN using the keyboard.

Hide the "My schedule" button

Hides the volunteer's schedule when they're signed in.

If a volunteer has new messages, show those after prompting to check in for a job

If your volunteers are prompted immediately after signing in for jobs they can check in for, they may not see their incoming messages. Checking this box shows the volunteer her messages if they check in this way.

If a volunteer has only one assignment/job option when logging in, don't prompt for confirmation if he selects that job

When a volunteer logs into the kiosk and has exactly one option (assignment, job association, training, walkup checkin job) available to her, if this box is checked then VSys will not prompt her for what job to check in for, it will check her into the only job available.

If a volunteer is unable to log in, show him/her any new kiosk messages anyway

If this is checked and a volunteer attempts to log in and cannot because he's missing a certification or other requirement, then the volunteer will be shown any kiosk-specific messages before he's told that he can't log in.

Permit check in for scheduled trainings

Permits volunteers, when they check in, to check in for scheduled trainings as well as their jobs.

Remove [Print] button from "Messages" screen

Prevents volunteers from printing their messages.

Show the current time on the kiosk

Checking this has the kiosk display the current time along the top of its display.

Show volunteer's photo

If a signed-in volunteer has a photo in VSys and this is checked, the kiosk will show that volunteer's picture at the top of most screens.

When checking in for an assignment, don't show the assignment's start time

When checked, doesn't show the volunteer what the start time is for their assignment when they check in. This can be useful if your volunteers get confused by that time vs. the current time.

When checking out by duration, enter minutes in 5 minute increments

Arrows for volunteers to enter duration will move in five minute increments.

Display size

On any display with a resolution of more than 1,280 pixels across, the VSys Kiosk will assume that it's being run for testing or diagnostic purposes rather than in a production environment, and will only take up part of the screen (not maximized). It does this because very few touchscreen displays have that high a resolution. To override this behavior, add to your VSys.ini file

To set an explicit size for the kiosk's window, use in your VSys.ini file

VSys Kiosk will set its screen to the sizes you set.

Swipe/scan lengths

For swipe/scan values VSys normally requires at least a seven character value. You can override this with a setting in the VSys.ini file,
where x is 5 or 6. No value less than 5 is accepted, and VSys will consider it to be 7 if you do put in an invalid value here.

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