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Kiosk Swipe/Scan

The kiosk allows volunteers to sign in by swiping their ID through either a barcode or magnetic stripe scanner. The Name tags, badges and credentials tool can print a special barcode for this purpose, or you can manually associate a specific value with each volunteer if you have pre-printed or encoded cards.

Steps in this task

  1. On the Web/kiosk panel on a person's profile, look for the Input Kiosk swipe/scan value link.
  2. When the Login Swipe Reader window opens, click Enter manually and type in the value or swipe/scan the card itself. Click OK.
  3. Repeat the entry or scan process again for verification.
  4. If the values don't match it will read "FAILED" under Verification. Click Clear and try again.
    If the values match it will read "VALID" under Verification.
    Linked Graphic
  5. Click Save to finish.

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