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Name Tags, Badges and Credentials

Credentials, name tags and badges are all the same thing: ID passes which identify volunteers and staff and allow them access to the appropriate places. VSys One has several built-in credentials types, and you can define your own filters and contents to make the credentials more appropriate for your organization.

After printing, you can optionally save the individual credentials for each person. This is especially useful if you print credentials incrementally during the registration process: include in your criteria a rule that excludes people who already have credentials printed. To see the credentials associated with a volunteer make sure on the Setup panel, under System preferences and feature enabling and Options that the option Show "Credentials" panel in the Profile Editor is selected.

Only people registered in a project can have credentials printed for that project.

Getting started

  1. Start from the Name tags, badges and credentials tool from the User tools panel.
    Name tage, badges and credentials screen
  2. Choose a built-in credentials type or load one that you've previously saved by clicking on the Load settings link. If none of these suit your purposes, choose one that is closest to what you're looking for and then modify it using the Design credential link.

You may notice this screen looks a lot like reports: it should, a credential is a special type of report.



Only people in these groups (globally) or delegations (in a project) are included.

People types/Entrant roles

Only these types of people (globally) or people in these roles (in a project) are included.

Volunteer types

Filters by volunteer type.

Scratched people (only within a project)

Only people not scratched, Only scratched people or (any).

Team filters

Include only people who are teams, exclude people who are teams, or include both.

Only people on selected lists

Check this to filter recipients to only people on one or more of the lists you check.

Exclude people who are

Filters to exclude people based on their active, deceased, banned or other statuses.

Exclude people with valid printed credentials

Lets you eliminate people who already have a valid credential printed, or just one printed for this project.

Person photo

Lets you exclude or include people based on whether or not they have a portrait photo.

Filter by the start of the person's family name

Select only those within a certain letter range based on an individual's family name, for example, all the last names beginning with A, B and C.

Limit count of people to be printed

If set, VSys will only generate this many credentials.

Addresses (only shows when there are addresses on the credential design)

If you have a preference as to what type of address should be used (for people with more than one address), or to limit credentials to specific address types, add one or more address types here. VSys will look for an address of each type starting from the top, and use that one if it meets the further criteria below. Adding the address type (any) will take any address type that meets the remaining criteria. Putting (any) after other address types makes VSys use the others first if available, otherwise whatever other kinds it can find.

Use the Add another filter link to add additional criteria here. People are only included here only they meet all of the criteria you specify.


Add one or more sort options to make VSys sort the credentials into a particular order for you. Credentials will first be sorted by the topmost field, then the second field, then the third, and so on. The Up arrow image and Down arrow image arrows next to each field indicate that the field will be sorted ascending or descending, respectively. Checking (no page break) or with page break turns page breaks for this field on and off. You might use page breaks to separate credentials by delegation or by role.


After loading or designing your credential and entering your filters, click on the Run button.

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