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Credentials Results

After clicking on the Run button, VSys brings up a list of all of the people who met your criteria and for whom it will print credentials.
Credentials window showing volunteer credentials to be printed

  1. Verify that the people shown are who you expect. If they're wrong, click Close to go back and change your criteria.
  2. Print one or two credentials to the screen to ensure that they look the way you want (select only one or two of them with the checkboxes before clicking Print). If they're wrong, click Close to go back and re-design them.
  3. Check the credentials that you want to print. By default, all will be checked. You can right-click on the list of credentials to check and un-check them in bulk.
  4. Select the printer.
  5. Click the Print button to send the credentials to the printer.
  6. If any credentials need to be re-printed, check only those credentials and print them again.
  7. After all credentials have been printed and verified, check all of them and click on Mark as printed. This puts a notation in each person's record on their Credentials panel with the type of credential, project, and today's date.
  8. Click Close to return to the credentials tool.

The Show only top records checkbox lets you limit the number of credentials shown here to a smaller number. You'll commonly use this when your printer is slow or the number of credentials is very large. Enter the number that you want, then click on the Apply link. VSys will now only show that many credentials, and the Print and Mark as printed buttons will only work on the credentials that are shown. Repeat until all are printed.

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