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Hours Entry

No self-entry of hours

If checked, volunteers cannot manually enter hours. Hours credited via check-in and check-out are of course still allowed.

For people without assignments, how many hours can they be checked in for a job

When a volunteer is checked in using a job association or history, set this to limit how long they can be checked in for that job. If this value is not 00:00, no other automatic checkout rules have checked them out, and a volunteer is checked in for longer than this duration, VSys will check the volunteer out when the volunteer has been checked in for this long.

Maximum hours that can be entered at once

Limits the duration of individual self-entered hours records.

Self-entered hours require approval

Self-entered hours normally post directly to the volunteer's profile. If this is checked, then those hours require approval.

Limit self-entered hours jobs

Checking this limits volunteers to only the jobs that they have job associations or upcoming assignments for.

Required groups

If any groups here are checked then only volunteers in one or more of these groups are allowed to self-enter hours.

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