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Kiosk Languages

If VSys has the file VSys.bld in the same folder as VSys.exe and VSysKiosk.exe, VSys will be able to switch languages within the kiosk, allowing your volunteers to work in the language with which they're most comfortable. In this case, you'll notice numerous hyperlinks within VSys itself labeled Other languages. Clicking on that link edits the values for the current tool you're in which can be made to be language-specific, and therefore change as volunteers switch languages on the kiosk.
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Field name


Languages to use

Check from the list of languages which ones should be available on the kiosk for your volunteers.

Method for selecting language

Flag image or Language name. If Flag image is selected, you can choose, for each language, which flag is shown.

If Flag image is selected, you'll see a list of the languages with a hyperlink next to each for selecting the appropriate flag for that language.

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