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Login Requirements

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Person must have an assignment to log in

When checked, a volunteer can only log in with the kiosk when he has an assignment.

To log in, a volunteer must have...

The volunteer must have a valid, non-expired one of each of these certification types in order to log in via the kiosk.

Show a warning these many days out...

If any of the above certifications are going to expire soon, VSys will show a warning to the volunteer this many days before expiration.

To log in, a person must be on all of these lists

A volunteer must appear on these lists or he cannot log in via the kiosk.

To log in, a person must not be on any of these lists

If a volunteer appears on any of these lists he cannot log in via the kiosk.

For login failure...

If a person's login fails and this is checked, VSys will not display the person's name in the warning.

To log in, status must be one of

Only people whose status is checked here can log in on the kiosk.

Login lists

Use these sets of lists to define which users are allowed to log in to the kiosk. These can be standard lists or Intellilists which let you define any criteria of any complexity. For example, you could define an Intellilist which includes only people with a current privacy training, then make presence on that list a requirement for login.

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