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Kiosk Tokens Setup

In Kiosk settings, on the Check in/checkout panel:

Enable tokens

Enables kiosk tokens.

Automatically create new tokens when scanned

When a volunteer checks in at the kiosk or the assisted check in tool, a scan which does not represent a known token will result in that token being created automatically if this is checked. Un-checked, a volunteer must scan a known token or click Skip.

No on-screen keyboard...

If this is checked, then a volunteer won't be shown a keyboard to type in a token's ID at check in, instead she must use the barcode scanner.

No [Skip] button for token entry by volunteers

Checking this prevents the volunteer from finishing her check in process until she's entered or scanned a token. Un-checked she'll have a Skip button at that stage.

Automatically release tokens at volunteer self-checkout without token scanning

When a volunteer checks out of her assignment, if she does that by scanning the token she checked in with, the token will always be considered to have been "returned". If she checks out by typing her PIN or scanning her ID card, the token is only considered "returned" if this box is checked.

Token description

Use these to change how the terms "Token" and "Tokens" are displayed in VSys and on the kiosk to volunteers.

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