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Relationship Filters

People can be filtered based on their relationships in reports, advanced searches and in Intellilists. Adding the filter "Relationship" brings up an editor like:

Relationship filter searching for a parent with at least one child

  1. The first field sets the quantity of the relationships required to meet the criteria, as a choice of No, At least, Fewer than or Exactly.
  2. Choosing anything but No shows another editor, this one for setting the required quantity.
  3. The third item is a checklist of the relationship types which you're looking for.

The filter for relationships doesn't filter the relationships. Instead it restricts the people listed to those who meet the relationship criteria you enter. Once the person meets your criteria, all of their relationships are included.


At least


Parent of

A parent with two or more children.

Fewer than


Teacher of

A teacher with zero, 1, 2 or 3 students.



Donor of

People of any type who have given to just one charity, not zero or 2+ charities.

At least


Cousin of, Sibling of

People who have at least one cousin or sibling.

In most searches, reports and in Intellilists, you can add the criterion "Relationship" more than once. For a person to be included, he must meet all of the relationship criteria that you specify.

Within a project, relationships with valid date ranges are considered to be in effect if the relationship is valid on either the first or last day of the project. Outside a project, the relationship is in effect if it's valid on the day the report is run.

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