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VSys Live

VSys Live is the volunteer-facing component to VSys One: it provides tools to your volunteers to let your volunteers manage themselves. It starts out as a flexible framework that's entirely modular. VSys Live provides a structure in which the features and tools of our volunteer management system can be added, changed and arranged.

In this document we’ll use examples from a template site that you can activate yourself in VSys Live. This template site uses most of the features in VSys Live, and uses more of them than you will usually utilize. This is normal.

Almost no one uses more than 1/3 of the features in VSys One, but everyone uses a different 1/3rd.

In This Section

Introduction to VSys Live

How Does VSys Live Work?

The Big Book of VSys Live Implementations

Site Templates

Creating a New VSys Live Site

Site Content

Site Setup

Global Options

Copy/Paste Is Your Friend

Unique Web User IDs

User Password Resets

VSys Live Examples

Installing VSys Live

Exporting VSys Live Settings

Importing VSys Live Settings

Returning Volunteers

VSys Live Application Diagnostics

VSys Live Implementations - For Staff