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Unique Web User IDs

VSys One, specifically VSys Live and VSys Web, requires that all Web User IDs be unique. That is that no two people can have the same values in that field. What do you do if a husband and wife share an e-mail account, won't or can't get their own, independent accounts, but don't want to share the same VSys Live login? There's a special syntax that can usually be used in e-mail addresses which lets you have multiple e-mail addresses that refer to the same account. Put a "+" symbol after the local part of the e-mail address, followed by some additional tag. (See IETF RFC 5233, Local-part semantics.) For example,

all refer to the same e-mail account (userfamily@example.com) and e-mails sent to all three will go to the same mailbox. VSys One, however, considers these to be three different addresses. That means that Mary and Joe can each have their own Web User IDs (Mary's as userfamily+mary@example.com and Joe's as userfamily+joe@example.com), and mail sent by VSys to either user will go to the single mailbox userfamily@example.com.

Most e-mail systems support this standard syntax and VSys One does, but it's possible that some e-mail providers may reject mail sent to accounts using this extension.

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