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Installing VSys Live

Installing VSys Live is easy – even for multiple sites. The VSys Live installer performs multiple complex steps in one operation for you.

To do this, the installer needs a few things; we call them "asset" files and they have in them everything you need to hand to VSys to install VSys Live. When we send you an updated version of the VSys Live code, we'll send you a new asset file. Same for updates to Apache and Rails. This means you don't have to download third-party files, compile or test them: we've done that for you.

Rather than updating a VSys Live installation on a file-by-file basis, the VSys Live installer just blows away the existing services, folders and files, then installs again from scratch. This means that you shouldn't put any manual files in these folders or make any changes to configuration files yourself that you don't have backed up!

Absolutely nothing created or installed by the VSys Live Installer itself matters. Well, of course it's important for VSys Live to work, but you can delete everything that it's installed (or even the machine) and run the installer again and all will be well.

The VSys Live installer makes the assumption that Apache, Rails and VOXI will all be running on the same virtual machine, and that you're not using the alternate configuration. If any of these assumptions are not correct, talk with our tech support team for guidance.

You probably need to run the VSys Live Installer as an Administrator, or as a user with elevated privileges: it installs several Windows services, and normal users are not permitted to do that. If you get an "Error 5" during the installation process, it usually means that you don't have permissions on this Windows machine to create and configure services.

In This Section

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SSL Certificates

Installation Settings - Global

Installation Settings - Site-Specific

Apache Virtual Hosts

Check Port Usage Conflicts

VSys Live Installer


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VSys Live Installation by VSys One Staff

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