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Alternate Configuration - Linux and Windows

For a system that scales better for larger numbers of concurrent volunteers using the web interface at the same time, VSys Live can also be configured to use two virtual environments at the same time: one running Linux (for Apache and Passenger, a Ruby engine) and the second running Windows Server (for VOXI). If you choose this option then the Linux (Apache, Passenger) environment will be provided as a pre-configured Debian virtual machine with Passenger Open Source.

Passenger cannot run on Windows, and VOXI cannot run on Linux, so using this configuration requires two virtual machines instead of one.

Because of the way that Passenger is built vs. Thin, Passenger can handle more simultaneous requests at once; Thin is much more likely to "block" (have to wait for one request to finish before starting another) on calls to VOXI when heavily loaded. Like Passenger, VOXI also scales very well to large numbers of simultaneous requests and can support as many concurrent processes as it's configured for.

In this configuration, plan to give the Windows environment:

And the Linux environment:

VSys Live structure when using alternate configuration (Linux and Windows)

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