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Installation Settings - Global

Certain VSys Live settings are global, that is, they affect all VSys Live sites (instances). From the VSys Live sites and settings tool, click on Installation settings.

All of the settings here relate to how the Apache HTTPD server - which is the first layer in the VSys Live architecture - is installed.

Server name

Becomes the ServerName entry in the httpd.conf file. This should correspond to the server's published name, but that is not required. (This setting exists mostly to make Apache happy, but is not actually used.)

Server administrator

Becomes the ServerAdmin entry in the httpd.conf file. This must be an e-mail address, but it doesn't have to be a valid one (i.e. it could be nowhere@noplace.com).

Apache HTTP port, Apache HTTPS port

These become the Listen entries in the httpd.conf file, and tell Apache what ports to expect inbound requests on. These should almost always be 80 and 443.

Use huge number of Apache threads

If your VSys Live site is going to be hammered hard with excessive numbers of simultaneous clients,
#1: Use Passenger on Linux, and
#2: Check this to allow Apache to allocate thousands of concurrent threads.

Disable Apache caching

There is never a good reason to check this box.

Apache IP addresses

If you don't have IIS (required by RD/Web and some other Microsoft tools) running in the same server that VSys Live is running, you can leave this field blank or just "*". That tells Apache to "bind to any and all IP addresses you find".

When IIS or another server that would normally listen on ports 80 and/or 443 is running at the same time on the same server as VSys Live, IIS will also try to bind to all open IP addresses. Use this field to tell Apache which IP addresses it's allowed to use.

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