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VSys Live Installation by VSys One Staff

If you're having VSys One and VSys Live hosted by us, none of this is applicable to you: it's already taken care of!

Because installing VSys Live is a deep project, and one that your IT department will do only a few times, the VSys One team is happy to do that installation for you. There are certain technical requirements that must be met first, though. (Keep in mind that these requirements, with the exception of SSL certificates, external DNS entries and port forwarding, apply to your test environment as well.)

Basic Requirements

The VSys Live machine must

And you'll need SSL certificates for each VSys Live site.



Our team will need:

DMZ Notes

If you plan on building out the VSys Live environment within your internal network, then migrating to the DMZ later, keep a few things in mind:

Best advice: build out the VSys Live machine where it'll actually live long-term.

After Installation

Once VSys Live is up and running, it is helpful for our team to continue to have remote access to the VSys Live machine: this makes diagnostics, maintenance and updates much simpler. It's not required, however, and you can terminate our remote access once the project is complete. Be aware that if problems occur, we'll ask you to re-enable that for us to diagnose and fix any issues.

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