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Exporting VSys Live Settings

Your entire set of VSys Live sites and settings: sites with their details, custom HTML blocks, downloadable files, galleries - everything - can be exported as a single file.

Why? The most common use case is to transfer your settings from a test to production database. Or to copy some subset of the sites and setup to another system altogether. Regardless of reason, from the VSys Live sites and settings tool, click on Export settings. VSys will prompt you for a file to create; this will be a .vzip file (which is a WinZip file under a different name). Give the file a location and name, then click Save.

VSys Live exported settings can only be imported (usually) into the same version of VSys with which they were exported. The contents and details of these export files changes over time and they're not meant for migrating from one version of VSys to another.

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