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How Does VSys Live Work?

You design your own VSys Live site(s). These can be based on pre-built templates which make it easy to start with something that works, and from there modify it to meet your needs.

Okay, that sounds complicated

Only a little. Most of setting up VSys Live is "drag & drop": telling VSys Live to "put the job signup tool there" and "Display this logo at the top". You can write HTML if you want to, but it’s not needed for the most part, and if you do use your own HTML, it’s pretty straightforward.

Think of the various blocks in VSys as Lego® blocks. You can:

All of these from the same parts, never having to break out the table saw, welding apparatus, CNC machine or 3-D printer.

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How is VSys Live Different from VSys Web?

Technical Requirements

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