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Importing VSys Live Settings

Importing VSys Live settings is slightly dangerous: this overwrites existing settings without prompting you for the individual things it's importing. As with many things in VSys, it's a very good idea to make a backup just before doing this.

Select Import settings from the VSys Live sites and settings tool, then select the file that you exported or were given.

Global items

These may include: CSS/JavaScript options, Custom HTML blocks, Downloadable file types, Image galleries and more. Un-checking an item here prevents it being imported. Note that relationships between items (for example, custom HTML blocks may have embedded images) may be broken if you import one thing and not another (that custom HTML block can't display an image that wasn't imported).

VSys Live Sites

Only the sites you select here will be imported. You can safely import all, none, or some subset of the sites because individual VSys Live sites do not link to each other.

Items to import

For each site that you import, you can bring in all attributes of that site or just some. These can be Agreements, Application forms, Calendar items, and others. You can't selectively import some items from one site and a different set for another site in one pass; if you need to do something like that, import the individual sites one by one.

As above, importing some items and not others can cause the relationships between items to be broken.

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