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The Big Book of VSys Live Implementations

(and its friends: VSys Live Kiosk, Schedule Lookup Tool, Online Training Module and Volunteer Request Tool)

Your VSys Live implementation will go something like:

  1. Initial demos, questions, homework.
  2. Followup demos, questions; repeat as needed.
  3. Site build, including:
  4. Testing/QA.
  5. Site go-live.

If you're working from a demo site (which you probably will be) during the early part of this process, note that the demo site usually has every single possible feature enabled, some more than once in different forms, and usually some that you haven't licensed. We do this not to frustrate you with too many options but instead to let you see everything possible and then to remove the things you don't want or need. This lets you see the feature in real life, what it looks like and what it does in order to make an informed decision.

VSys Live implementation ground rules

Before starting your VSys Live implementation process, keep in mind a few basic ground rules.

A PM is strongly suggested; a project lead is mandatory.

Planning ahead for this is critical: if you change direction mid-stream, you may find that many implementation and training hours have been burned through and end up with the project going past deadline and over budget - and you only have a limited number of hours allocated in your implementation.

You don't want your project sidelined at the last minute when the branding team gets wind of an "unauthorized" site that doesn't meet their guidelines - get that buy-in early!

How does the process work?

Our first meeting will be a walkthrough of VSys Live and whatever tools you're implementing. We will show you all of the important options and ask you a lot of questions, then send you home with homework.

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