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User Password Resets

Volunteers can be allowed to reset their own passwords online via VSys Live. This can be done one of three ways.


VSys Live will send the user an all-new password.

More flexible


Instead of sending the user an actual password, which you'd then hope they'd remember and which could have been lost in transit, VSys Live sends a unique reset code. That reset code is good for a limited time and only while the user remains on the reset screen. Once they leave or the code expires, it's no good. If someone intercepted their reset code, that someone can't actually use it. And the user gets a password that they themselves chose.

Important settings

  1. In Login Settings, check the box When a user resets his password, send the notification e-mails/text messages immediately (this is a global setting that affects all VSys Live sites).
  2. In Login Notifications, set the template(s) to be used. These define the content of the e-mails/text messages and are specific to each VSys Live site.
  3. Ensure that in Site Settings, the E-mail Robot Settings are correct. These settings are specific to each VSys Live site.


Password reset e-mails not being received? Here are a few places to check.

Check the volunteer's profile.

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