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Creating a New VSys Live Site

There are two primary ways of creating a new VSys Live site: from a built-in template and from a saved template.

Creating a VSys Live site from a saved file

The VSys One team (or someone else you trust) may send you a VSys Live site by e-mail. The file they send will have a .vzip extension and is actually a WinZip file with special contents. From the VSys Live sites and settings tool, click on Import VSys Live site and select this file. VSys will bring in all of the contents of that saved site and create it in your database.

We highly recommend this route, and if we're helping you install VSys Live for the first time, it's the way that we'll do it.

Creating a VSys Live site from a built-in template

VSys Live comes with (at least) two built-in site templates: "Main Site" and "Kiosk Site". To create a new VSys Live site you can start with one of these. From the VSys Live sites and settings tool, click on Add from template and select the type of site. This adds a basic site with pages, images, merge templates: everything you need to get started with a new site. Take the newly-created site and edit it to your needs.

You can send someone a copy of your VSys Live site (don't worry: there's never any data about your volunteers in the file that VSys creates, just the specifications for the site itself). Right-click on a VSys Live site and select Export as template. This creates the same .vzip file that you can now share with someone else, or just copy from one database to another.

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