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Introduction to VSys Live

VSys Live is…

A web (browser-based) portal for volunteers. This means that it can be accessed using any modern device (Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet/phone, Windows tablet/phone, and most others). VSys Live connects to the same database as VSys One, VSys Lite, VSys Kiosk and other VSys family tools, so information entered in one is immediately reflected everywhere else.

Depending on how you have VSys Live configured, you can make it accessible to the world (most VSys Live setups do this), or limit it to certain places (VSys Live Kiosk is commonly made available only on your internal network or the public Wi-Fi on your campuses).

VSys Live is not…

It’s not an administration tool. You, as a staff member, don’t use VSys Live to manage multiple volunteers: that’s done using VSys One and VSys Anywhere.

Common VSys Live tasks for a site visitor


Install VSys Live on server

Perform the actual VSys Live site installation.

Site diagnostics

Quick diagnostic logs on your sites' configurations.

VOXI trace monitor

See detailed logs of what VSys Live has been doing behind the scenes.

VSys Live self-run reports queue

Shows all VSys Live self-run reports submitted by VSys Live users, along with tools for running and seeing the results of those reports.


Add one or more comments to this screen as "hints" or notes to your future self.

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