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VSys Live Implementation Questions/Decisions/Forks

Look and feel

Custom CSS is an option, but an expensive one. We can also optionally show your in-house web team how to add their CSS to the site.


Know what information you want to capture. Bring your existing designs. Hand-written markup is just fine!

Application processing

After applications have been submitted, how are they dealt with? Staff will see applications in the Applications Approval Manager in VSys One or Anywhere. The rules below - if applicable - are usually based on the application type, Requested site, Requested department, Application handler, the person's Status, the application's Approval status.

Who (volunteers) gets access to what tools and when?

This is usually based on their Status or their eligibility checklist progress, but can also use properties such as their active job associations, group, type, etc. to change who sees what and when. For each item, under what conditions (if any) should a volunteer have access to a given tool?

Eligibility/intake checklists

(These can be very time-consuming to create/maintain if you have a lot of them or they're complex.)


To whom? When? Examples:


Other vendors aren't directly integrated; if you've got one, let's talk options. If nothing else maybe we can automate exports of new volunteers to that system in spreadsheet or delimited format.


VSys Live can display many kinds of information on multiple calendars. Most commonly you'll have an organization calendar (shown to users who aren't logged in) and a personal calendar (shown to selected logged in users).

Until someone is logged in, VSys Live doesn't know who they are, so every not-logged-in person sees exactly the same thing. If you need different landing pages for different hospitals in the same system, for example, you may need additional VSys Live instances for that (extra cost).

Self check in/out

Allows a volunteer to check in and out, similar to what they can do on the VSys Live Kiosk.

Job lookup

Hours entry

"My Info" page

What to show the volunteer? For each: Show? Hide? Show under specific conditions? Or hide the entire page?

Static content/pages

This is unchanging content such as "About us", instructions, onboarding requirements, anything that's just HTML and needs to be shown.



Agreements become certifications in profiles. Content can be any HTML; it cannot effectively be a PDF document or video unless it's okay to send the volunteer to a separate page to view the content and then come back and agree.

Self-run reports

Secure messaging

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