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VSys Live Installer

The VSys Live Installer does all of the heavy lifting for you.

For your first installation, you'll always need to install Apache, Rails and the VSys Live source. For later updates, you'll still usually want to include the Apache and VSys Live source updates: the installer can't update the Apache .conf files without first installing/updating Apache.

All Apache, Rails and VOXI services must be stopped before the installer can run.

Installation type

Under normal circumstances you'll choose "Normal installation". Use "VSys Live source code only" to update only the Ruby code that underlies VSys Live without installing or changing Apache or the Rails installation.

Root folder

Where VSys Live should be installed. VSys Live will create folders within this one for Apache, Rails and for each individual site.

VSys folder

Where is VSys One installed? The installer looks here for VOXI.exe and VSys.ini.

Install/update Apache

  • Installs Apache (the version included with the Apache asset file) and its Windows service into \VSysLive\Apache.
  • Updates the httpd.conf file.
  • Installs and configures the site-specific .conf files, pointing them to the appropriate Rails and VOXI services.
  • Installs any site SSL certificates.

Install/update Rails

Installs Ruby, Rails and all needed gems into \VSysLive\Rails, as well as sets the Windows search path to include these files. Once installed the first time, you usually only need to update this if you've been sent a new Rails asset file.

Install Rails service for each site

Creates one or more Rails services for each VSys Live site that you install here. You'll usually only un-check this if you're using the VSys Live alternate configuration.

Install/update VSys Live source

Installs the VSys Live source (one copy per site) into the site-specific folders and configures them to look to the appropriate VOXI instances.

Do not install VOXI services

Creates one VOXI service per installed VSys Live site. You'll almost never un-check this box.


Select at least one VSys Live site to install.

Don't archive existing...

Normally the installation process backs up all of the folders it affects into a .zip file for recovery. Checking this box prevents those backups from being made.

Override settings

For expert use only.


Notes for your future self.

Multiple sites, multiple databases

It's possible to have a single Windows machine serving multiple VSys Live sites even if those sites are coming from different VSys One databases. Checking Ignore existing site services and selecting one or more sites tells the installer to:

This is for expert use only!

Linux/Passenger installation

If you're planning to install VSys Live using Passenger, please contact us for detailed documentation on that process.

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