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Hand-updating SSL Certificates

Are your current SSL certificates expired or expiring soon? Need to install new ones, possibly without running the full VSys Live installer? You can manually update those certificate files in place.

In most cases you're better off using the VSys Live installer for this.

Assumes a Windows - not Linux - installation of VSys Live.

In the folder c:\VSysLive\MAIN\certs, you'll usually find three files:

(where "MAIN" may be different for your site.)

To update the certificate files,

  1. Copy the existing files to a folder for safekeeping.
  2. Rename the .crt and .key files you got from your SSL certificate vendor to be named MAIN.crt and MAIN.key, replacing "MAIN" with the names you find on the existing files. (You usually don't need to update the intermediate - MAIN.inter.crt - file.)
  3. Replace the existing files with those you created in the previous step.
  4. Restart the Apache Windows service.
  5. If all went well, you should be able to access your VSys Live site and see the new certificate in place.

Repeat all of the steps above for any other VSys Live sites whose SSL certs need updating.

Always put the new SSL certificates into VSys Live installation settings: if you don't, then the next time you run the installer you'll install the old certificates and not the new ones.

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