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VSys Encryption

In version 4.0, VSys added support for advanced encryption. This encryption tool supports encrypting attached files as well as certifications. From an end-user perspective, the two work in very similar ways.

When VSys tries to access data in an encrypted certification or attachment, it prompts you for a decryption key for that type of certification. Once a key is requested, the Key Manager toolbar opens on the bottom of the screen, showing the keys that have been provided, and those needed but not provided.
File selection window for selecting encryption keys

If you give VSys a user decryption key, you will also need to provide the passphrase.

If you get the error "Unable to load key: Invalid RSA Key", you have either entered an invalid passphrase or the key has been revoked.

After a key has been successfully provided, it shows in the Key Manager toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
Key manager toolbar showing sucessful key

If you are unable to provide the key, or hit the Esc key when prompted for the file, the toolbar will show the Key Manager with that key as needed.
Key manager toolbar showing failed key

To protect encrypted data and prevent others from accessing the data when you walk away from your computer:

  1. Click on a key name next to Keys provided to release the key and prevent it from decrypting any more data.
  2. Remove the USB flash drive containing the key.
    VSys will forget that it had that key and will be unable to decrypt any new data.
  3. To re-enable your access to encrypted data, click on a key name next to Keys needed.
    VSys prompts you for the key so that you can access the encrypted data.

See Encryption Key Manager on the Administrator panel for more specifics.

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