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People are Persistent

By "persistent" we mean that you enter the person into VSys once and then tie that person to all kinds of events, jobs, and other properties in the system. The Volunteer Profile is everywhere. You can view and update someone's details from anywhere in the system where you work with the person, such as within a project or job assignment, lookup/search, as well as in the data entry tools. Once a person is entered into VSys, his attributes and history build as his relationship to your organization grows. This data persistence helps you to tap into and develop greater volunteer resources.

This also means that changes made to a person in one place affect that person everywhere: change "Jim Doe" to "James Doe" from within a project and his name is changed everywhere in VSys all at once.

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Finding People by their Personal Data

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Create a New Person

Profile Editor

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Enter Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail Changes

Mark Bad Phone Numbers and E-mail Addresses

Combining Duplicate People