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Create a New Person

A person must be entered into VSys before they can be included in a mailing or in your volunteer pool for future assignments.

You will always want to check if the person is in VSys before creating him again as a new person. If a person is created multiple times, VSys will treat each one as a different person. It will become very difficult for you to maintain the person's information accurately and see his entire history with your organization. If you do find that a person has been created more than once see Combining Duplicate People.

A new person can be added to VSys in three common ways:

Steps in this task

  1. Go to Find people by personal data. The Person lookup screen opens.
  2. Search for the person to see if she already exist in VSys.
  3. If the person you want to create is not already in VSys, click the Create new person button.
    Create New Person window
  4. Enter the information about the new person.

Field Name

Definitions and Comments

Person type

The primary type of person such as Volunteer, VIP, etc. (required)


The primary group associated with this person. (required) Note that the person must be assigned to a group, even if it's just the group General.



Date of birth


Primary First/given name

(required) If you have searched for this person, the name fields will be automatically populated.

Primary Middle name


Primary Last/family name


Primary Suffix

Jr., III, etc.; often used to indicate generation.

Phonetic name

If the name is difficult to pronounce or easily mispronounced, enter a pronunciation hint here. This information can be used on reports, name tags, and credentials.

Alternate name

Nickname or preferred alternate name. This information can be used on reports, name tags, and credentials. (These fields won't be visible if you haven't enabled alternate names from the Setup panel and Name setup options.)

VSys may be set up to automatically adjust capitalization in the name fields. If necessary you can turn off that feature for this person by checking the Ignore capitalization rules checkbox at the bottom of the window. Use this for names like "van der Waals" to keep the name exactly as you've typed it in.

  1. Click the Create button to create this person.
  2. If the Don't check for duplicate people checkbox is not checked, VSys will first look through all of the people already in VSys to ensure that you're not making a new copy of an existing person. If it finds people who may be a duplicate of the new one, it will show you those and allow you to either work with one of the people that it found or create the new person anyway.

After entering all applicable data on the volunteer profile screen, click the Save button at the top to finish creating a new person in VSys.

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