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Combining Duplicate People

If you have the same real-world person in VSys more than once, you can combine the two VSys people together to form a single person with the attributes of both.

What's transferred/combined?

You can only combine two people at a time. If the same person is entered in VSys three times, combine them in two stages: copies #1 and #2, then the result of that with copy #3.

Steps in this task

  1. Identify one of the copies to be combined using the Person lookup tool.
  2. Right-click on one of the duplicates and select De-duplicate (merge) with another person (about halfway down the menu.)
    If the other copy is on the search results list right now, select On this list, otherwise Not on this list.
  3. The Person De-dup Wizard comes up. Click the Next button.
  4. On the Find second person/Select second person screen, if you selected On this list, all of the people on the search list from before come up. Select the second copy of your person here.
    Otherwise, the Person lookup tool shows. Use it to find and select the second copy of your person.
  5. Click the Next button to get to the Which person to keep screen. Choose which of these two copies will be kept. The one not chosen will be deleted with his information transferred to the copy which is kept.
  6. Click the Next button to get to the Finish screen.
  7. Read the summary of what will be done. If all is correct, click the Finish button and VSys will combine these people together. Otherwise, click Cancel to abort the process, or Back to change your options.
  8. After clicking Finish, VSys brings up the retained person in the Profile editor. Make any changes necessary here. You'll probably find duplicated addresses and phone numbers, and possibly other issues which need human correction.

If you combine duplicate people use only VSys, never any version of GMS. Important VSys attributes like hours and assignments will not be transferred by GMS 5.

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