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Attached Files

VSys One lets you attach files to people and jobs. Why? Use this to take PDF files, resumes, pictures and other documents from your computer's hard drive and link them to a person (or job, etc.) for later use. Once the file is attached, then VSys doesn't need the one on your computer anymore, and that attachment is accessible to people who can't see your computer but who can use VSys One.

To work with the attached files for a person, right-click on his name in the Person lookup tool and select Attachments. Or, from within the Profile editor, click on Attachments at the bottom of the Personal data panel.

If you attach the same file to two or more people, VSys only stores a single copy of the file in its database and "shares" the attachment. This means that if you attach a 5MB PDF file to twenty people VSys only uses up 5MB of space in the database, not 100MB. This only works if the attached file is truly identical: scanning a document twenty times and attaching each scan to a person will result in twenty subtly different files, not one.

Deleting an attached file from a person doesn't delete that file from the database immediately since that attachment may be connected to other people. The Index update tool option Remove attached files no longer in use identifies "orphaned" attachments - those not connected to anyone anymore - and removes them from the database.

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